I do a lot of things.

This is where they live.

I've studied and done various forms of traditional art and design, including graphic design, illustration, and costume design.

Any of that here appearing is more or less a historical afterthought for the curious; the work I focus on now is much more freeform and abstract, which is admittedly the last thing I'd ever be doing.

The work you see here started out as my own take on art therapy, testing what I could create with much less precise, technical control my other work always entailed. This is because I really don't "know what I'm doing" in any formal sense in regard to the work shown here. I am not a fractal math wizard; I am not trained in the careful plotting of patternwork, and I certainly cannot program an AI.

What I found was an explosion of strangeness and beauty that still helps me heal when times get rough, and times are often rough for everyone.

I hope to offer prints and other items in the future. Prints will be signed by hand if possible, and purchased products will not have the image watermark.

None of my work is presently available as NFTs, and that option is highly unlikely.

You can find me on Twitter, Nightcafe, and Instagram as @SpiralDeeArts.